Bass Cadet is an art project founded by Susanna Viljanmaa in 1993. Some aural and visual art is published under these pages as well as other media.

The name Bass Cadet isn't related to Autechre in any way. I invented the name in 1993 when I was suggested to change my former nickname, Blaster, to Space cadet. I tried to avoid having a similar nickname with other possible artists, and I replaced 'space' with 'bass'. Afterwards I became aware of a record with a similar name, and people still get confused.

music »

Bass Cadet

A lot of music has been both arranged and performed as well as remixed by Bass Cadet since the beginning. Until the year 2005 all the gigs consisted of original material, and from 2005 to 2008 the gigs have been remixes of oldschool game and demo songs. During the year 2003 Hannu Pelkonen appeared at the gigs playing electric guitar.

A couple of records, Saku 2001 and Live @ Alternative Party 2003 were released and sold out, but all the music so far is available in the music section. Some musical work has been made for demos of Embassy, Promille Dezign and Adapt, animations by Mad Crew and some commercials. Some of the very early tracks were released under KoNE!.

Huge amounts of music is still unreleased, waiting for completion. Stay tuned for more releases soon.

visual »

Photography, print design, illustration, web design and video clips are my new points of interest that I'm trying to focus professionally as soon as the studies are finished.

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